About Us

Merlot on the Water was founded in 2010, but its history dates back much beyond that.
Built in the 1850’s, it was known as the Broad Brook House. The residence was owned by a small family with a heart to entertain.

When German emigrants started to flock to Connecticut in 1860, they used the Broad Brook House as a gathering site. Not only a place for those travelling long distances, folks traveling by stage coach would spend the night and enjoy a peaceful room, and the lower level saloon.

Merlot on the Water Today, the Broad Brook House may have a new name, Merlot on the Water, but it still has the same purpose. Merlot is a place for the gathering of friends, family and even strangers to enjoy each other’s company and have a good time. Whether it is a celebration of two lives joining, or honoring a loved one in their passing, Merlot will make that day one to be remembered.

Merlot was started in 2010 in a similar fashion to its original roots; a family with a heart to entertain. Merlot continues to be a family owned establishment with their vision becoming your reality. In Fall 2009, construction began to resurrect the Broad Brook House to its prime form. The hardwood floors in the ballroom were restored to their original glow and the exterior of the building was refinished to make the building shine. After 18 months of continuous revamp and advance, Merlot is pleased to welcome you to their establishment and opens the doors to you as if you were part of the family.

Wedding setting